Life Cycles: Understand the Souvie Product Lines

Life Cycles: Understand the Souvie Product Lines

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Why life cycles? Understand the importance of taking care of each phase!

The cycles of life are part of our existence. In addition, they serve to identify different stages of human development.  From a skin care & cosmetics point of view, the skin’s needs also vary at different stages of the life cycle, which is why each phase deserves special attention & care. 

First Contacts With the Outside World

The baby's contact with the world is a transforming moment, everything is new, including for the skin. Therefore, our newborn line was designed to meet the main needs of the skin in the first 28 days of life. They reinforce hygiene with gentle and moisturising products to prevent dryness and diaper rash.

In addition, organic products for the little ones are made with all the love and affection in the world. We know how sensitive your little one's skin is and, thinking about it, our care is redoubled. The baby line has advanced technology and are paediatrically tested and approved products. 

Run, Jump & Play!

The world outside is huge and the kids are willing to explore it. That's why it's important to keep the skin resistant. With that in mind, Souvie's certified organic kids line products guarantee maximum protection.  That way, the little ones will be able to venture anywhere without worry, as cosmetics remove impurities, and take great care of children's sensitive skin.

Special Care For Those Who Carry A New Being

Motherhood is a very delicate and unique phase in the lives of women who choose to have children. Carrying another being within oneself implies great exterior and interior transformations. And to take care of this special period it is important to use specific and quality products. 

That's why our maternal line is perfect to bring an extra boost to the skin during pregnancy. 

For Women In The Prime Of Youth

Coming of age is also an important milestone, as the young woman becomes more independent and free to walk her own path. To accompany this development, the 18 to 25 years line brings all the necessary care for the skin while adapting to a new hectic routine, full of achievements and challenges.

For Experienced Women

Women who are in the prime of adulthood already know that care cannot be left aside. That's why the 25 to 45-year-old line is perfect for maintaining beauty, with cosmetics that offer the cleaning, nutrition and hydration your skin deserves.

For Mature Women

Certified organic products from 45 to 60 years old are made to take care of mature skin with lots of love. So, enjoy the phase with even more energy and disposition and let Souvie take care of you.

All the products in the line are specially developed with key active ingredients that really matter for your skin to always stay healthy, creating a protective barrier in addition to promoting a lot of hydration.

Male Care

And who said men don't take care of themselves too? We believe cosmetics are for everyone! For this reason we have a very complete men's line for males from 18 to 50 years old, solving the main issues of hair, face and body skin.

Invest In Certified Organic Cosmetics

Souvie's life cycle products are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife and guarantee respect and care for the environment. The beauty of life is what gives us meaning and we are with you in the search for greater beauty. In addition, it is about self- care choices that think about others and respect the whole.

Celebrate the cycles of life....with Souvie

The cycles of life are opportunities for us to evolve – physically, emotionally, relationally & spiritually - and it is always important to take care of each stage lived with affection. In this way, Souvie believes that the powers and energies of nature are excellent for daily skin and body care.  So, count on us to guarantee you have quality products for you and the whole family!

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