5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Organic Cosmetics

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Organic Cosmetics

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Every product in the Souvie catalogue has been Certified Organic.  This means that the products meet the standards established by the certifier, which in the case of Souvie is Ecocert Greenlife, the world’s biggest and most respected certifier of organic cosmetics. 

In a 2021 article on natural cosmetics, Cosmopolitan Magazine encouraged readers to look for products from companies that work closely with third-party certification agencies such as Ecocert or COSMOS, to ensure that everything from packaging to ingredients are safe for the skin and planet. 

So now we’ve established the endorsement of Souvie products as bona-fide natural & organic, we must answer the question, why should you prefer an organic product to others?

1. They can be as good as the traditional ones

Many still believe that the traditional industry offers higher performance and that the absence of certain ingredients, including chemicals, can impair the effectiveness of organic cosmetics.  This however is not the case.   At Souvie we utilise science, research & technology to offer cosmetics that are both safe & effective. 

In fact, Souvie’s mission is to prove that organic cosmetics can offer equal or better performance than traditional ones.  

2. Raw materials compatible with your skin

The use of ingredients of natural origin makes organic cosmetics more compatible with the human body and absorption into the skin tends to be better than traditional products.  When determining our formulations, we use biomimetic technology to evaluate how natural ingredients interact with the skin and improve its health.

And of course, knowing that no chemicals are being used in organic products gives you the peace of mind they’re safe to use.  

3. Organic cosmetics and sustainability

Certified organic cosmetics, in general, value sustainability. This is from the choice of raw materials, the way they are extracted, the way they will react in nature after using the product and even the production stages. Know that our certifier evaluates these and other points. So, when buying a cosmetic with ingredients of natural origin, know that its extraction was done in a sustainable, ecological way and always respecting life.

4. Cruelty-free by nature

Our certification prohibits animal testing by the manufacturer and its suppliers. Therefore, you can have confidence that all our products are cruelty-free.

Another important point is in relation to inputs of animal origin. Some are authorised, however they cannot cause the death of animals and their extraction must happen in an ecological and sustainable way. Among the allowed raw materials of animal origin are beeswax and honey extract, for example, which is why a very limited number of our products cannot be marked as being Vegan. 

5. Respect at every stage of organic cosmetic production

By buying a cosmetic, regardless of the type, you are consuming the entire production chain for the manufacture of the product and all the impact it will cause later. When you opt for certified organic cosmetics, you have a clear conscience. After all, the certifier is responsible for evaluating and allowing only best practices for all stages of production. In addition, in general, manufacturers are encouraged to have coherent packaging and measures aimed at the best for the ecosystem with disposal. 

Certified organic cosmetic: respect for life

There are three pillars that guide the manufacture and consumption of organic cosmetics:
1. The health of those who use it
2. Respect for life at all stages of production and
3. The responsibility for environmental impact

So, first, there is the concern that the product is good and effective. Companies in this segment invest in technology and development. After all, it is not enough for the product to be friendly with nature, it should bring benefits to those who use it. Respect for life is also an intrinsic part of the process. Here at Souvie, for example, it exists in the family of founders long before having the company and all employees breathe this mission. In this way, it is present in each of the processes. 

Certified organic cosmetics enables us to preserve and enjoy the beauty of life. And we will only be able to prolong this beauty by causing minimal environmental impact. That's why sustainability is so important. Some processes become more difficult and even more expensive when we choose to do something in the most responsible way but our ethics at Souvie will always put the health of people and the planet above profits. 

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