Ecocert: Organic and Natural Certification for Cosmetics

Every single product in the Souvie catalogue has been certified by Ecocert one of the leading international certifiers of organic cosmetics, which is why you'll see these logos on our website and all our product packaging.  

Have you ever wondered what these logos mean?

The COSMOS-standard signature is a consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics that you can trust. To date over 26,000 products in 70 countries carry our COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL signature. Over 10,000 ingredients carry our COSMOS CERTIFIED signature. Over 7,000 raw materials carry our COSMOS APPROVED signature.

The COSMOS-standard defines the criteria that companies must meet to ensure consumers that their products are genuine organic or natural cosmetics produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices. 

To Receive Ecocert Certification

  1. Souvie cosmetics must have at least 95% of natural ingredients and 20% of ingredients from organic agriculture.
  2. There is a list of forbidden ingredients, such as petrolatum, sulfatum, and mineral oils.
  3. So that the products have a pleasant smell, we use vegetable oils and extracts, including essential oils that come straight from our own farm.
  4. Speaking of our farm, the entire area and cultivation of aromatic plants is certified organic by IBD, which is recognized by Ecocert Greenlife.
  5. Souvie's own factory is also evaluated and audited by Ecocert, to ensure that the final product is safe and meets strict international standards.
  6. All the content on the packaging and labels is submitted to Ecocert in order to always provide the truest information about the products.
  7. Ecocert Greenlife encourages all brands to be responsible when choosing the packaging material. At Souvie, we choose the ones with high percentage of recyclability in Brazil, such as aluminium and glass.

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 When you purchase a Souvie product you can have the confidence that:

  • Only premium quality ingredients are used
  • It’s natural and certified organic, with the whole process from farm to factory undergoing rigorous analysis by Ecocert.
  • It’s Cruelty Free
  • It’s Paraben free
  • It’s free of toxins
  • It’s proven to effectively moisturise, hydrate, nurture and care for your skin.


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