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5 winter skin care products

Colder days are accompanied by that concern for the skin in winter: how to ensure hydration, softness and care, if the weather is drier, baths are hotter and heavy clothes seem to leave the skin flaking off? The answer is simple: using the right products at the right time! 

That's why we've separated five Souvie certified organic products for you to take care of your skin this winter and arrive in summer with it even healthier and more radiant!

1. Vegetable Cream Soap

It all starts in the bath! Did you know that some traditional soaps are so efficient that they end up taking all your skin's natural hydration down the drain? That is, to ensure skin hydration in winter, it is not enough to use body lotion, you need to pay attention to the cleaning products you put on your body.

Viva Souvie Vegetable Cream Soap has preserved glycerin, is made with Cupuaçu butter and is made at room temperature to preserve the properties of the ingredients as much as possible. In addition, there are two options: Rosemary & French (Fennel).  Both  have 3.8% of their respective essential oil.

2. Body Liquid Soap

If you're the type who wants to get out of the shower and put on a warm outfit, our Moisturising Body Liquid Soap is the ideal product to hydrate your skin in winter. That's because you use the product during the bath or shower and it leaves the skin soft, hydrated and fragranced.   

Moisturising Body Liquid Soap 25/45
Moisturising Body Liquid Soap 45/60

3. Body Moisturising Lotion

The Body Moisturising Lotion could not be missing from this list of products to take care of the skin in winter! It's that amazing product to get to know your body better, take care of your skin and promote a lot of hydration, nutrition and health. It is available in lines 18/25, 25/45, 45/60 & Men, considering the particularities of each moment of life: 

4. Moisturising Hand Cream

And it’s also important to take care of our most exposed body part during winter, our hands!  The cold weather can cause hands to feel dry & rough.  Our Moisturising Hand Cream quickly absorbs into the skin, is non greasy, and leaves hands feeling hydrated, soft and beautifully scented.  It is available in the lines for adult female skins: 18/25 , 25/45 and 45/60.

5. Ultra Moisturising Balm

And to moisturise the skin regions that are already naturally dry, you can use the Ultra Moisturising Balm 45/60.  It comes in a denser texture and with organic beeswax, which intensifies the hydration and nutrition of the skin. The tip is to use daily on elbows, heels, knees and even hands.

Winter skin care

It is worth emphasising that taking care of the skin in winter goes far beyond just products . You also need to hydrate yourself, eat well, avoid very hot baths and take care of your health in general. After all, everything will reflect on the appearance of the skin. In addition, it is recommended to pay attention to your skin all year round, always using products for your skin type and age, preferably in certified organic versions. Discover all the products on the Souvie website!


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