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The term ‘sustainability’ is a common & popular word these days, but the practice of sustainability has been part of our company’s priorities since day one. That's because we understand our mission and our position in the ecosystem.   Having attitudes that value the longevity of nature is extremely important to us. 

In addition to offering certified organic cosmetics that are naturally more environmentally friendly than traditional ones, we have also applied a series of measures in the production chain to ensure we remain eco-friendly.  Check them out below:

Own factory = more consistency at each stage

All Souvie cosmetics are produced in our own exclusive factory, located in Itupeva, in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil.  This provides us with greater control of everything that happens in production, guaranteeing maximum use of energy and materials, without the risk of cross contamination, and the unique opportunity to adopt all our values that prioritise sustainability. Among the measures applied here are:

  • Less use of electrical energy: a practice that is noticed as soon as anyone enters the factory is the use of sunlight. The factory was purposely built to favour natural light. As a result, we use less electricity to light the factory.

  • About water consumption: we have the reuse of rainwater. It is used to flush toilets and irrigate the garden. In addition, the entire plant's water consumption is monitored periodically and the data is sent to environmental bodies. This helps us analyse & address increases in water demand or possible leaks and waste.

  • Waste: Waste produced, such as off-spec finished product or expired raw materials, is included in the circular economy. As a result, they return to the production chain as raw material for other companies. In the case of packaging materials, such as paper, aluminium and glass, they are sent for recycling.

Sustainability around all products

Certified organic cosmetics are already considered more sustainable as they do not contain synthetic ingredients that are low in compatibility with the environment, such as mineral oils, parabens and triclosan, for example. Another important point is that the certifier evaluates the suppliers of raw materials. This means that the palm oil and Bisabolol we use come from responsible agriculture, without impacting the fauna and flora. With regard to formula and composition, the certifier ensures that we have the best practices.

But a product is much more than the composition, isn't it? All our cartridges are made out of paper.  The paper has a recycling rate of up to 66.2%.  In addition, this is a biodegradable and naturally decomposing material. 

Now, to send your order with care, we have chosen a very special material: cotton fibril! Amazingly, it is discarded in cotton production! So, we gave her a second life. If you want to dispose of it, this is a biodegradable material that can be included in your organic waste, but you can also reuse it in different ways.

Sustainability from plantation

The hydrolates and essential oils used in Souvie's cosmetic formulations come from organic agriculture and come directly from our farm in São Benedito. It is located in the city of Bom Sucesso de Itararé, in the interior of São Paulo, and is owned by Souvie's partners. With this, we have more control and the security that life is taken care of since the planting of aromatics.

The farm is certified by IBD , Latin America's largest certifier of organic products. With this in mind, some of the measures applied are:
  • The non-use of pesticides in cultivation;
  • The preservation of the biological diversity of natural ecosystems;
  • Healthy use of soil, water and air, aiming at minimum contamination and waste;
  • Respect and fairness in all working relationships;
  • Recycling of waste of organic origin.

Social responsibility

One of the pillars of sustainability is social care. Part of the activities we have in Bom Sucesso de Itararé, the city where the farm is located, is AMBOS (Association of Residents of Bom Sucesso). In this association, children in the city are entitled to food and activities offered after school hours, such as dance classes, judo, woodworking, theater and even dental service. This is a work of great relevance to the community. 

The maintenance of the space and activities comes from our farm in São Benedito. It is our way of thanking the employees and repaying the acceptance we had when we started working in the city.

Always evolving with sustainability

The beauty of life is what gives us meaning. That is why it is so important that we have attitudes that are consistent with our values ​​in everything that permeates the manufacture of cosmetics. So, we are constantly studying ways to have more sustainable attitudes in each of the stages of production! 

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