Skin care after 45 years of age

Skin care after 45 years of age

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Skin care changes according to the moment of life.   Knowing this, how should women take care of their skin after age 45? 

Souvie Brazil recently talked to Giovana Alcântara, dermatologist member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), who brought some valuable information and tips for you to take care of your skin at this stage of life, without losing motivation. 

The skin after 45 years of age

During our life, the skin changes and adapts.  One of these changes concerns the balance between collagen degradation and restitution. “From the age of 30 onwards, we start to degrade more than build and this rate increases over the years, which causes loss of hydration, vigour and elasticity," explains Giovana. In addition, she says that after 45, the imbalance is accentuated, with greater sagging and dehydration.

This is a period in which we also observe loss of elastin, decreased ability to retain water in the skin, bone changes that modify the structure of the face, among other changes. “Some women have already started the menopause process and may experience a more pronounced loss of shine and hydration," adds the dermatologist.

Mature skin care

In this scenario, then, what should skin care be after 45 years of age? Giovana's main emphasis is to reinforce hydration and to have good health habits. “Maintain an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich diet, practice physical exercises and reinforce habits for good mental health,"she recommends. 

About more specific care:

  • Control your sun exposure by limiting your time in the sun and making proper use of sunscreen and UV protective clothing. 
  • Hydrate the skin with cosmetics with natural ingredients, avoiding ingredients that generate toxicity, such as endocrine disruptors.
  • Prefer soap with a slightly acidic pH and with natural actives.

In short, Giovana recommends doing the basics well and with consistency.

Embracing the aging process

But, before looking at appearance, the specialist reinforces the importance of understanding that the aging process is part of the cycles of life. “Observing that the brand represents stories and lived experiences re-signifies the changes and makes the (aging) process lighter and happier”, she concludes.

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